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What is a Safety & Quality Assurance Solution

If you are on this site, you need to implement an aviation safety management system (SMS)

You will not implement the SMS program quickly. In most cases, it will take three to five years for a medium to large aviation service provider to satisfactorily implement their SMS system to meet regulatory requirements. In short, you will be implementing your SMS program in the recommended phased approach.

During Phase 1, you will be focused on performing a gap analysis and creating your SMS implementation plan.

For your Phase 2 SMS implementation, you will need a hazard reporting solution. This allows employees to submit hazards and for managers to engage in the basic risk management activities, such as tracking corrective preventive actions and generating basic risk analysis reports.

Aviation service providers that can honestly say they are in Phase 3 of their SMS implementation will have employees that are engaged in the safety process. They will begin to see a higher number of proactive issues being managed within their aviation SMS risk management programs. Furthermore, they will have predictive analysis tools that can forecast or predict future events based on past performance.

 Phase four is the safety assurance phase. Your company will have implemented formal processes for monitoring the effectiveness of your safety performance activities. Audits, annual gap analysis, internal evaluations, setting and monitoring safety goals and objectives are all activities aviation service providers engage in during the safety assurance phase. If you have an integrated safety and quality management style, then your focus will be on the Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology.

An aviation risk management system with safety-quality assurance features allows aviation service providers to:

  • Collect occurrence data;
  • Manage associated risk;
  • Proactively identify and control hazards;
  • Predict future events;
  • Identify trends to mitigate risk to as low as reasonably practical (ALARP);
  • Conduct safety and quality audits;
  • Manage safety goals and objectives; and
  • Manage training elements across all phases of the SMS implementation.

Components of a Safety & Quality Assurance Solution

To understand what you should find in an aviation safety and quality assurance solution, we find it easier to examine the most important individual subsystems of this solution. These subsystems include:

Hazard reporting solution to collect hazard and event data. Also used to manage risk. You may wish to examine the hazard reporting solution in detail in order to analyze all the parts.

Risk management solution has components necessary to take an aviation service provider from the reactive risk management strategy to the proactive and predictive phases.

The safety and quality components of this solution will include:

  • Auditing tools (checklist creators, audit schedulers, audit plan viewers, corrective action plans);
  • Policy & procedure monitoring and management;
  • Safety communication tools to continuously promote the safety program;
  • Goals and objectives management and tracking;
  • SMS documentation tools;
  • Safety performance monitoring tools (dashboard charts, automated alerts, escalation);
  • Safety training management;
  • Safety performance indicator monitoring and  tracking; and
  • Key performance indicator monitoring and  tracking.

Our Safety-Quality Assurance Solution Includes:

  • Online & offline hazard reporting with predefined form templates based on NASA ASRS
  • Email and public hazard reporting
  • Risk management tools
  • Policy management tools
  • Safety promotion tools
  • Initial and recurrent SMS training management tools
  • Drill-down risk analysis charting tools
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) management
  • Proactive hazard analysis
  • Hazard/risk register
  • Auditing tools;
  • Training management tools;
  • Goals and objectives tools;
  • Continuous improvement monitoring tools;
  • Incredibly responsive support from aviation safety software professionals
  • Professional SMS training (added costs).

Safety-Quality Assurance Software and SMS Training

SMS Pro comes with a complete online video training library.  This video training library is visible to all employees.

There are scheduled aviation SMS training courses in Anchorage, Alaska. On request, NWDS can come to your location to provide quality aviation SMS training on our aviation safety management products. Our qualified partners are also qualified to teach the fundamentals of SMS while also demonstrating our Web-based aviation safety management software.

Learn more about aviation SMS training.