Audit Management System


Audit Management System


The Audit Management System is an aviation auditing software designed for

  • Aviation quality assurance auditors
  • Safety auditors and inspectors
  • Independent auditors

Most clients using these best-in-class auditing tools have safety programs (SMS). They can easily audit systems and manage findings. Corrective actions and preventive actions may be managed by company users, vendors or other third parties.

This aviation auditing software contains all necessary tools that auditors and safety teams need to

  • Perform full inspections and SMS audits
  • Manage findings
  • Create corrective action plans

Audits can be easily completed with auditing teams or individuals, and provide configurable security access to users.

Setup costs: $2,000 one-time (includes IOSA & ISAGO audit checklists).

Additional divisions are $1,000 each (used to isolate data).

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This solution includes substantial benefits for auditors and safety programs. These benefits have been cultivated over years of working with aviation service providers and regulators to build aviation auditing software that is superior to anything else on the market. These benefits include:

  • Avoid compliance fines (service providers)
  • Reduce Costs
  • Significantly improve auditing organization and efficiency (auditors)
  • Auditing with built-in or custom auditing forms
  • Integrated auditing with findings-management and corrective action plans
  • Improve internal auditing efficiency
  • Integrate safety and quality management systems
  • Highly praised by auditors from compliance agencies all over the world
  • Extremely responsive customer support
  • Proven workflows and many templates
  • Access to industry tested knowledge regarding safety guidance and best practices

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The main functionality and features of this aviation auditing software are:

  • Audit SMS with custom forms and built-in forms
  • Audit scheduling
  • Assign audit teams
  • Perform offline audits with offline auditing tools
  • Log audit findings
  • Receiving automatic notifications regarding upcoming and overdue audits
  • Manage all findings directly in auditing module
  • Create corrective actions plans, including CPA management
  • Inspect airports with built in airport inspection forms
  • Audit vendors
  • Configure security and time-sensitive security access options