Part 5 Professional Solution


Part 5 Pro Solution


Part 5 Automation Tool is an aviation safety software built specifically for aviation service providers operating under FAA’s Part 5 regulations. This Automation Tool provides you with all of the tools and guidance to quickly and easily achieve Part 5 compliance.

Part 5 Pro solution offers medium size operators assurance of a scalable solution with multiple divisions, vendor management, and additional aviation safety tools beyond the core, Part 5 compliance modules.

This solution works well for medium size providers without existing SMS software or those who would like to upgrade to a best-in-class SMS software solution.


Part 5 Automation Tool is an out of the box, compliance-ready aviation SMS software, and is a complete SMS solution. Benefits the Part 5 Automation Tool include:

  • Compliance with all FAA Part 5 regulations
  • Tools and modules named after each Part 5 requirement (great  for picky inspectors)
  • Perform extremely well on FAA audits and inspections
  • Save considerable time using many industry-tested, built-in templates and workflows
  • See specific Part 5 requirements and AC120-92B discussion points in relevant modules
  • Use many automated notifications to help you task manage your SMS
  • Have access to extremely responsive customer support
  • Use aviation safety software built for and extensively tested by aviation industry exclusively

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All FAA Part 5 solutions include the following features:

  • 12 built-in, mobile friendly, hazard reporting forms
  • Confidential, public, and offline reporting systems
  • Audit suite for scheduling and performing audits, offline or online
  • Data analysis charts and dashboards
  • Menu structure and module names mirror CFR Part 5 regulations
  • Other tools for each Part 5 regulation

The additional features of the Part 5 Pro solution are:

  • Up to 200 employees
  • 3 Divisions
  • 1GB document storage
  • 1 additional, custom built, hazard reporting form
  • Vendor management
  • Choice of 3 additional modules

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