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SMS Pro is a full-featured, Web-based aviation safety management system software product developed by NorthWest Data Solutions. There are different database software products for aviation service providers at different phases of their SMS implementation.

NorthWest Data Solutions in Anchorage, Alaska develops and supports SMS Pro. Aviation safety professionals provided guidance to develop SMS Pro.

There are three legs to successfully implement an aviation SMS program:
1) SMS training;
2) SMS implementation support and consulting; and
3) Great aviation SMS data collection and reporting tools.

SMS Pro has qualified partners to help support your airline, airport or MRO's SMS implementation effort.

Key Features

SMS Pro is an integrated aviation safety management solution that facilitates operations of airlines, airports, helicopter operators, towers and MROs by increasing the efficiency of business processes, improving service delivery to meet client’s service expectations and improves operational and management reporting.

SMS Pro is a Web-based application, thus ensuring information sharing across the organization.

Key Features of Best FAA SMS compliant software for airlines, airports & MROs

SMS Pro provides:

  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of organizational Quality, Safety, Security and Regulatory Compliance activities using "Issue Reporting" and "Issue Manager" modules.
  • Enhance response times to airline safety audit findings by streamlining planning and tracking activities in the "Issue Manager," Performance Monitoring" and "Goals & Objectives" modules.
  • Secure central repository for document storage and version control using enterprise-level databases.
  • Collaborative environment to share aviation safety processes, policies & procedures across various entities using the "Read File," "Policies" and "Duties and Requirements" modules among internal and external users.
  • Provides accurate and timely aviation safety data & statistics using "Performance Monitoring," "Goals & Objectives," "Hazard Analyzer (charts)," "Quick Table," and "Quick Sort" modules.
  • Lessons Learned library to share aviation safety knowledge across different users in the airport, airline or avaition maintenance organization.
  • Create custom audit checklists to perform safety inspections, audits and evaluations.
  • Audit and audit management using same framework as "Issue Manager" module.
  • Fully customizable issue assessment and classification allows safety, security, quality & compliance incidents to be categorized by two customized classification systems in "Issue Manager" module. Issues can be further classified by associated hazards and risks identified in the "Hazard Analysis Tool" module.


NWDS can provide quality aviation safety training on our SMS Pro products; however, JDA and SCSI are also qualified to teach the fundamentals of aviation safety while demonstrating our Web-based aviation safety management software.

SCSI & JDA Aviation SMS Training

SCSI for Aviation SMS Training

Aviation Safety Management System Training for FAA SMS


Contact Chris Howell at [email protected] for a demo of the best aviation hazard reporting system on the market.

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