Hazard Reporting Solution


Hazard Reporting Solution


Hazard Reporting Solution is an aviation safety software solution providing aviation safety management systems with essential tools to report, manage, and monitor reported issues and other safety concerns.

The Hazard Reporting Solution includes safety tools from all 4 pillars of SMS, including risk management tools for Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion.

This solution is the most economical of all safety management system solutions. It does not include advanced safety risk management and performance monitoring tools as in the Risk Management Solution, or advanced safety policy, KPI, and auditing tools as in the Safety Assurance Solution.


This solution substantially benefits your organization. These benefits have been achieved from years of working with aviation service providers to hone safety tools. Some benefits are:

  • Automate a significant amount of tasks
  • Improve hazard reporting culture
  • Greatly increase ability to manage reported safety issues
  • Have complete control over communication and safety transparency
  • Monitor SMS design and continuous improvement in a single, integrated system
  • Use automatic email notifications to task manage required actions
  • Extremely responsive support
  • Proven workflows and many templates
  • Access to industry tested knowledge regarding safety guidance and best practices
  • Highly praised by many SMS auditors all over the world

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The main functionality and features of this solution are:

  • Use over a dozen, mobile friendly, hazard reporting forms
  • Report issues in many ways, such as via email, offline, the hazard reporting module, etc.
  • Manage all reported issues with assessment, analysis, CPA, classification, investigation, and review functionality
  • Automatically document all actions taken on reported safety issues
  • Document all company safety policies and procedures
  • Monitor safety performance with drill down risk analysis charts
  • Automate initial and recurring SMS training for all employees
  • Communicate with all employees via a message board
  • Automatically create meeting agendas based on certain types of issues (plus minute tracking)
  • Configure user security access and transparency in a way that best fits your company

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