NWDS Job Opening

Software Engineer

Date: 6/23/2024

Job Title: Software Engineer / Project Manager 

Location: Anchorage, AK


Develop an Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) software.

Drive SMS Pro forward to stay on the cutting edge of Aviation Safety Management systems market, and maintain competitive advantage in the industry.

Develop database driven web applications and other software from scratch, enhance existing software, or integrate software with existing systems using agile application development methodology.

Design and develop custom modules for DotNetNuke framework (Content management system).

Perform software analysis, code analysis, requirements analysis, software review, software testing and quality assurance.

Design and build the database (SQL Server) and impement data access layer using Entity Framework, Ling To SQL, or DotNetNuke controllers and data providers.

Design, code and debug application business logic in various software languages including C# / VB /  ASP.NET, and using RadControls suite from Telerik for enhanced productivity.

Design and build front end graphical user interface using HTML, jQueiry (Javascript framework), CSS, and RadControls suite from Telerik.

Support, maintain and document software functionality.

Ability to complete projects independently, as a team member, or as a team lead.


Must hold MBA, Management or related field.  Must have experience or coursework in Database Management Systems, Data Communications & Networks, Wireless Information Security, Wed Dev in .NET Environment, Client-Server Programming, System Design/Develop/Implementation, Computer Simulation Systems, and IT Management.  Must have strong technical skills including C# / VB /.NET Framework, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, T-SQL, MS Access, Google Maps API. Must be familiar with MS Project, and understand Gantt charts as applied to project schedule management.  Must understand and have the ability to perform/manage the Software Development Life Cycle.

Hours/Salary: M-F, 40hrs/wk, 8-5pm.

How to Apply: Email Resume to: [email protected]

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