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Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool you can use to create and format both simple and complex spreadsheets. Google's Spreadsheet, Open Office Spreadsheet and MS Excel are very similar. If you know how to work with one product, you will be able to easily switch to other products. For this discussion, we'll focus on MS Excel, but our professional Excel consultants can assist with these other spreadsheets similarly. NWDS provides training and support over the phone, via email or using Skype or online meeting software.

Whether you are a small business, a scientist, lawyer or sales person, NWDS has qualified Excel consultants ready to assist.

With MS Excel, you can analyze and share information in myriad ways to make more informed decisions, such as for business, scientific, engineering, sports or home use. MS Excel's enhanced user interface provides rich data visualization, Pivot Table views and incredibly professional-looking charts that remain incredibly easy to create and use.

One doesn't have to be an expert MS Excel consultant to slice, dice and present complex data in an easily understandable fashion. Most of what you can do in MS Excel is also possible in Google Docs.

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Excel Consultants Provide Advice With Latest Technologies

Today, with the latest versions, MS Excel can be combined with Excel Services, a relatively new technology that comes with SharePoint Server and provides significant improvements for sharing data with greater security. You can share sensitive business information more broadly with enhanced security with your coworkers, customers, and business partners. By sharing a spreadsheet using Excel and Excel Services, you can navigate, sort, filter, input parameters, and interact with Pivot Table views directly on the Web browser. Another great tool that may satisfy these business requirements is Google Docs. Google Docs are free, but we digress.

Professional MS Excel consultants work with many types of companies to facilitate sharing spreadsheets and business information. Their services include assistance with integration with Excel Services and the new MS Excel XML Format which provides a more efficient exchange of information.