Risk Management Solution


Risk Management Solution


Risk Management Solution is an aviation safety software solution building upon the Hazard Reporting Solution by offering full SMS design and documentation functionality, as well as complete Safety Policy tools.

With this solution, you can fully design, document, analyze, and monitor exposure of identified hazards, risks, and control measures. This solution also allows you to monitor in real time the effectiveness of your risk controls.

Risk Management Solution is nearly a fully compliant system and is the best choice for operators not needing auditing, goals/objectives, and training/qualifications functionality of the Safety Assurance Solution.


This solution substantially benefits your organization. These benefits come from years of working with aviation service providers to modify both functionality and work flows. The benefits of this module increase those of the embedded Hazard Reporting Solution, and offer much more performance monitoring and SMS documentation tools:

  • All benefits of the Hazard Reporting Solution
  • Automate a significant amount of tasks
  • Complete SMS design documentation
  • Complete hazard, risk, and control documentation
  • Complete SRM pillar process
  • Full aviation safety policy documentation
  • Extremely responsive support
  • Proven workflows and many templates
  • Access to industry tested knowledge regarding safety guidance and best practices
  • Highly praised by many SMS auditors all over the world

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Main functionality and features of this solution are:

  • All features from the Hazard Reporting Solution
  • Design SMS via our Hazard Analysis module
  • Completely document your Safety Risk Management portion of your SMS
  • Monitor all hazards, risks, and controls via the Hazard Risk Register
  • Monitor effectiveness of risk controls in real time
  • Create and monitor key performance indicators
  • Many proactive risk management tools
  • Complete safety policy documentation tools

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