Online Excel Phone Consulting

Instant Excel & Office Consulting Services Over the Phone

Instant Excel & Office Consulting Services Over the Phone

If you need professional Microsoft Excel training or support, NWDS can provide this over the phone. There is no need come to our office. We have worked with clients on the Eastern Seaboard on projects. How it typically works is as follows:

  1. Make an initial phone call describing your problem;
  2. If we are unable to answer your question immediately, we'll assign your project to a tech;
  3. You may send us files to explain your challenge;
  4. We work with the files to solve your dilemma;
  5. Our team works with you via email to ask/answer questions;
  6. If necessary, we'll create an online training video to walk you through the solution to prove the solution works per customer requirements;
  7. Once the solution has been satisfied, you pay via Credit Card to a PayPal Account;
  8. We send you the files with the solution.

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Excel Consulting Over the Phone or Online

Professional MS Excel experts teach your business users how to use Excel and Excel Services to more securely share spreadsheets with others. They may also assist by creating professional-looking charts with dramatic visual effects. These tasks can be quickly performed with a bit of practice by using predefined chart layouts and chart styles, or by manually formatting each component, such as axes, titles, and other chart labels. These tasks can involve considerably more work, but the end result is often very impressive. Your company can use stunning effects such as 3-D, soft shadowing, and anti-aliasing to help identify key data trends and create more compelling graphical summaries.

Qualified Excel experts can easily train your staff members how to create and interact with complex Excel charts the same way, regardless of the application you are using, because the Excel charting engine is consistent in MS Word and MS PowerPoint.

Modern advances in technology allow businesses to dynamically render Excel spreadsheets as HTML so others can access the information within a Web browser. Because of the high degree of fidelity with the Excel client, organizational users can use Excel Services to navigate, sort, filter, input parameters, and interact with the information, all within their Web browser.

On a side note, Google's spreadsheets are also very cool in that you can see other users actually making changes in your Web browsers.

Today's businesses often need to create business dashboards from spreadsheets and share this information within a portal framework. One example is to track the key performance indicators of an airline business using browser-based dashboards that can be created from Excel spreadsheets, Excel Web Access, and Office SharePoint Server. IT consultants provide guidance on integrating this technology into current business environments.

These IT consulting companies can help your organization convert your spreadsheets to XML Paper Specification (XPS) or Portable Document Format (PDF) formats to create a fixed version of your file for easier sharing with team members in a collaborative environment. Compared with older versions of MS Excel, the newer Excel XML Format enables a more efficient exchange of information among stakeholders. One problem with past XML files was the high overhead of the XML tags and "Microsoft XML fluff."

In our opinion, Microsoft had never performed well in this space, but now, one can reduce the file sizes of spreadsheets and improve their interoperability with other data sources by using the new Excel XML Format.