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Web-Related Idea-Incubation Checklist

  1. Web-ability:
    Is this an idea we can put onto the Web?
  2. Remarkability:
    How is your idea truly remarkable and not just another “me too” idea?
  3. Excitability:
    Is there a clearly defined market or markets that will be excited about your product or service?
  4. Testability:
    How would you go about testing your idea to get a reliable “proof of concept”?
  5. Profitability:
    Does the product or service lend itself to profitable sales, continuous billing and/or repeat purchases? (Note: Without at least one of these pricing models, sustained profitability is in doubt.)
  6. Scalability:
    Can the business grow to AT LEAST $1,000,000 in annual revenue? How do you know?
  7. Marketability:
    How would you go about marketing/selling your product or service if you had an unlimited marketing budget?
  8. Excitability:
    Do you have any ideas on other companies that might be interested in acquiring your business once it was fully incubated?


  1. Q: What ideas qualify?
    A: Ideas that can be implemented as web applications with v.1 development cycle of less than two months.
  2. Q: Do I have to have a marketing plan?
    A: Yes. We’d like to know how will you sell the product, and who will be your first customer.
  3. Q: Who will sell the product?
    A: You will be in charge of sales/marketing.
  4. Q: Will you consider not-for-profit ideas?
    A: No.
  5. Q: Will you consider projects that may take longer than two months?
    A: Yes.

Idea Incubator Advantages

Idea Incubator
  • We'll develop the product at 20% of the cost.
  • When you sell your product, NWDS will be compensated from the profits.
  • You maintain control over intellectual property.

Simply fill out the form at the link below and let us know how your idea passes each element in NWDS "Web Idea-Incubator Checklist."

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