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What Are Types of Aviation Safety Software?

There are various types of aviation safety management systems (SMS) software. Below are four different types. Each has benefits for various sizes and types of aviation service providers, including:

When evaluating the different types of aviation SMS database programs, you should consider your needs and the phase of your SMS implementation. These four aviation SMS database products are designed for differing budgets and whether you are merely trying to "check-the-box" or are seriously interested in implementing a state-of-the-art SMS program. Airport SMS programs may have slightly different needs from airlines' SMS programs, but SMS Pro easily accommodates those differences.

This legend will offer guidance as to which modules belong to each SMS solution.

Compare Aviation Safety Database Products - Side-by-Side Comparison

To understand the aviation SMS database tools below, work from left to right.

Hazard Reporting Solution is the simplest and focuses on basic and advanced hazard reporting tools. The risk management portion to track corrective actions and conduct investigations is the same powerful Issue Manager that is available in all the SMS solutions.

Risk Management Solution builds on the Hazard Reporting Solution. The most significant addition to this solution is the Proactive Hazard Analysis Tool (PHAT) and the Hazard Register. There is also a highly configurable Risk Assessment Tool, commonly known as FRAT or Flight Risk Assessment Tool. FRAT can be used for all types of operations, and not just Flight Ops.

Safety-Quality Assurance Solution builds on the Risk Management Solution. If you are really serious about complying with regulatory requirements, then this is the recommended solution. Besides great online and offline auditing tools, you will also gain access to more advanced charting and analytical tools.

Enterprise version has all modules. If your company has several sister companies, SMS Pro will give your company access to the Enterprise version at the price of the Safety-Quality Assurance Solution, provided all companies use the system.

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# Modules per product and type


Hazard Reporting Solution


Risk Management Solution


Safety Assurance Solution


Enterprise - Complete