Aviation HR Records Manager



Aviation HR Records Manager is an optimized record keeping tool that is designed to let you easily manage complex record-keeping operations, such as documenting pilots' and maintenance personnel records.

Most aviation service providers use this tool for managing pilots' complex hiring and training records. However, you can easily use this aviation software product to manage records of any type of employee with complex record-keeping requirements, such as

  • security personnel,
  • air traffic controllers,
  • engineers, and
  • mechanics.

HR Employee Records Manager allows you to create custom record keeping workflows for any type of employee.

If you have trouble managing any of the following employee record types, you should consider this cost effective solution.

  • PRIA (Pilot Records Improvement Act);
  • Background checks;
  • Drug testing
  • Employment applications

Costs are: $10,000 initial licensing & setup. $300 monthly subscription.

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Aviation HR Records Manager provides substantial benefits to aviation service providers struggling to avoid regulatory fines stemming from improper treatment of employee records. These benefits have been cultivated over years of working with aviation service providers and regulators to build aviation HR record management software that is superior to anything else on the market. These benefits include:

  • Can integrate with your SMS
  • Save money and resources managing complex record keeping tasks
  • Receive automated notifications of impending record keeping deadlines
  • Avoid record-keeping related fines
  • Integrates with your organization's file systems
  • Easily organize all records based on processes and workflows
  • Have multiple processes for different types of employees
  • Extremely responsive customer support
  • Proven workflows and templates

Save time using predefined templates for:

  • Flight Ops;
  • Dispatch;
  • Ground Ops; and
  • Maintenance.

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The main functionality and features of this aviation HR employee records management software are:

  • Automated reminders of upcoming record keeping deadlines;
  • Easily search record keeping progress;
  • Integrate with existing SMS;
  • Organize records into different processes;
  • Predefined, configurable templates;
  • Multiple types of record documentation;
  • Easily monitor progress on record tasks; and
  • Flag records and compliance items with possible fines, and PRIA.

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