Anchorage Alaska Web Designer Job Opening

Web Designer Job Description

NWDS Website design at our Anchorage company is like many other companies. Many processes are involved in the software development life cycle. Depending on the project, typical duties involve:

  • Translating a client's marketing or informational content into a functional website.
  • Mapping or outlining a website's structural content.
  • Creating or editing images and graphics for website use using Photoshop or Gimp.
  • Determining all coding requirements for site creation including: e-commerce capability, forms and specialized scripts.
  • Creating templates of approved website layout.
  • Coding website using HTML, Javascript, Visual Studio and Content Management  software.
  • Coordinating with highly skilled programmers for specialized functionality.
  • Creating search engine friendly copy/content for the website or using approved content supplied by the client.
  • Integrating written copy/content with site design for final product.
  • Making changes to existing Web sites directed by client requests
  • Submitting site to search engines.
  • Consulting with clients about site design and SEO strategies.

Great communication skills valued as much as technical skills.

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No contractors. We are a software development company.

No remote work considered until after at least one year continuous employment.

We will not contact you for information you neglect to provide that we request below. We'll simply use available information to make the best decision.