NWDS does not attempt to be "all things to all businesses." We have core competencies, just like any other business. If our Anchorage, Alaska IT consultants don't have an answer, we'll either:

  1. Tell you it's beyond our expertise;
  2. Refer you to one of our strategic partners; or
  3. Offer to research and find the answer for you.

NWDS' Anchorage, Alaska IT consultants provide some free information technology (IT) consulting services to Anchorage, Alaska businesses. We provide these services because it is fun meeting new people and to foster new business relationships.

Below you'll discover some Anchorage, Alaska IT consulting services that are excluded from NWDS' free IT Services Consulting Offer.

Excluded Anchorage, Alaska IT Consulting Services

  • Exchange server configuration services
  • Network / Active Directory consulting
  • Computer "repair" or fix "broken" computers
  • Network design
  • Network installation


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3) Excluded Services for Alaska Free IT Consulting

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NWDS provides free information technology consulting services to Anchorage, Alaska business for limited time periods.

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