After being selected to receive free information technology (IT) consulting services by NWDS' professional consultants, you can expect the following:

Typical Meeting Procedure

Meet stakeholders (Introductions and exchange brief company histories)
Conduct a 30-45 minute information technology assessment
Depending on what your challenges are, you can expect NWDS consultants to:

  1. Perform immediate fixes;
  2. Conduct analysis, provide recommendations and perform up to the remaining four hours or return later that week to apply approved services; or
  3. Conduct an analysis and provide recommendations and cost estimates;

If a task remains incomplete after NWDS' IT consultants start providing a fix, your company can expect consultants to:

  1. Tie up loose ends and leave your systems operational;
  2. Provide an estimate of the level of effort to complete the task/project;
  3. Offer to return to complete the task, but at NWDS' standard hourly rates.



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Common IT Consulting Tasks