RadChart DNN Not Displaying

RadChart in DNN Not Displaying Issue Solved

DotNetNuke RadChart Not Displaying in 4.9.0

RadChart doesn't display readily in DNN? Try dragging a chart onto the page, assign a datasource, and in the "Properties" window, find the HttpHandlerUrl setting.

Try setting the HttpHandlerUrl to "../../ChartImage.axd"

The number of steps to go back depends on your DNN file structure. For example, DesktopModules/MyChartModule fits the above construct of "../../ChartImage.axd"

This was a real pain to discover how to solve this, hence the documentation

Solution to RadChart Issue in DotNetNuke DNN

Hope I remember to come here for my own solution next time this nasty problem attacks me.

Another solution provided days later by the Telerik Team..This also refers to how DotNetNuke handles friendly URLs. I may try this next time.

RadChart1.HttpHandlerUrl = ResolveUrl("ChartImage.axd")