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MyEclipse Tutorials

Quickstart -- Essentials

Installing / Uninstalling MyEclipse 
Describes MyEclipse IDE installation process as well as installing Eclipse (if necessary).   (Download PDF - 500K)

Describes all aspects of the MyEclipse subscription model and covers many FAQs on the topic. (Download PDF - 200K)

JavaScript Development and Debugging
Introduction to the MyEclipse Web 2.0 Tools Platform (W2TP)(tm) and the basic features, concepts, and techniques for getting started with MyEclipse Web 2.0 perspective, browser, and DOM Inspector, and Java console. (Download PDF - 600K)

Visual Web Designer
Explains the concepts, features, and basic operating procedures for the MyEclipse HTML / JSP / Struts / JSF Visual Web Designers. (Download PDF - 700K)

Using the HTML Editor
Covers all three editor modes: source, preview, and design.  Plus, it covers associated views and preference pages as well. (Download PDF - 300K)

Using Application Servers 
Details configuration, deployment, and debugging of your favorite Application Server in MyEclipse. (Download PDF - 400K)

EJB Development
Outlines the steps to developing your first EJB with MyEclipse and deploying it to an Application Server. (Download PDF - 600K)

Enterprise Application Projects
Provides basic concepts of Enterprise Applications and MyEclipse EAR Projects, includes sample enterprise application (TraderX) (Download PDF - 700K)



Quickstart -- Advanced

Matisse4MyEclipse Installation  (Download PDF - 250K)
Matisse4MyEclipse Quickstart  (Download PDF - 410K)

Introduces installation and operation of the MyEclipse integrated version of the NetBeans Matisse Swing GUI designer.


Introduces MyUML concepts and  tools. (Download PDF - 300K)

Guides you through the development and testing of a simple Struts example application. (Download PDF - 500K)

JSF LoginDemo
Walks through a small JSF demo application, requires no previous JSF or MyEclipse knowledge. (Download PDF - 600K)

New! AJAX Debugging
Walks the user through using the AJAX/Web 2.0 debugging tools to debug an existing AJAX site.
New! Database Tools
Introduces the user to the database tools available in MyEclipse. Covers typical database operations: connection, querying and visualization.

Database Explorer
Learn to use the MyEclipse database tools that support applications working with relational databases. (Download PDF - 600K)

ERD Designer
Entity-Relationship Designer quickstart. Providing a visual model of existing databases
(Download PDF - 470K)
New! Introduction to Hibernate
Introduction to the basics of using Hibernate to develop a database-enabled application. Covered database exploration, reverse engineering and running your Hibernate application.
New! Introduction to Spring
Introduction to the basics in Spring and walks the user through editing a small existing Spring application using MyEclipse.

Get up to speed with the new Hibernate support in MyEclipse and learn how to extend your project with Hibernate capabilities. (Download PDF - 500K)

Bugzilla Rich Client and Connector
This Quick-Start presents the basic configuration and use of the MyEclipse Bugzilla Client. (Download PDF - 300K)
Remote Debugging
C onfiguring and debugging applications running in application servers that are not launched using a MyEclipse server connector, either on the machine running MyEclipse or on a different machine. (Download PDF - 200K)
Using WebSphere 6
A complete tutorial on configuring WebSphere 6 for proper operation with MyEclipse. (Download PDF - 800K)
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