Aviation Audit Software Solution

Company Providing Web-Based Aviation Auditing Software

What is Aviation Audit Software?

Modern aviation audit software is usually a Web-based application that performs a wide variety of audit management functions, including:

SMS Pro's Aviation Audit Solution is a powerful audit software system designed to:

  • Integrate safety and quality management systems;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Work in both online and offline modes;
  • Eliminate duplicate systems;
  • Increase employee efficiency;
  • Prepare for regulatory compliance audits; and
  • Improve internal auditing efficiency.

Who Uses Aviation Auditing Software Solution?

Quality departments benefit most from this auditing solution. If you are an airline, airport, maintenance or ground handling company performing audits using MS Excel and paper, then you should review this offering. When you need a dedicated system for the company auditing team, this auditing solution will suit your needs.

These auditing tools possess the same powerful features that are integrated into a fully compliant safety management system (SMS). There are many aviation service providers who don't need aviation SMS software tools, but find that their auditing tools belong in the last century. If your quality department requires an independent online database program to easily manage audits, then this aviation auditing software may suit your needs.

Offline Auditing Tools

Offline auditing allows auditors to download scheduled audit checklists. Auditors can work while flying or on the beach without Internet connectivity. Once Internet connectivity is restored, auditors can synchronize the audit checklists with the main database.

Offline auditing works on IOS IPad tablets, Android and Windows hardware. Modern browsers are required to take advantage of offline auditing capabilities.

Communicate Audit Findings and Corrective Action Plan

After audit findings are identified, auditors can easily manage the audit findings in a central data management system. Activities include:

  • Assign findings to responsible managers;
  • Assign corrective and preventive actions to vendors, company employees or others;
  • Track corrective and preventive actions to completion;
  • Trigger alerts and automatically schedule reviews;
  • Escalate items when assigned items slip;
  • Generate audit corrective action plan;
  • Easily communicate corrective action plan to stakeholders; and
  • Review data for repeat findings.

Your quality department will become immensely more efficient when all analytical tasks are consolidated in a central data management framework. Audit data is secured and accessible by users assigned appropriate permissions. Manual, repetitive tasks are dramatically reduced.

Moving from Excel and Paper Auditing

If your quality department relies heavily on spreadsheets or any paper-based system to process audit data, there is a significantly better way.

This Aviation Auditing Solution will:

  • save you money;
  • improve audit management performance;
  • reduce risk; and
  • ensure regulatory compliance.

If this were not enough, this auditing solution has the potential to either:

  • integrate with your existing safety management system; or
  • upgrade to a full-featured, fully compliant safety management system (SMS) software.

Immediate Value to Your Organization

With a smartphone, tablet, or computer, users can record audit data on location with or without internet connection. Also, your team can easily schedule reminders for upcoming audits and overdue tasks.

To get you started quickly, this auditing software includes many popular auditing checklists, including:

Creating simple and complex, multi-tiered checklists is easy. Other options for importing auditing forms include using an MS Excel template or having our team perform the data entry tasks for you.

Components of Aviation Auditing Software Solution

To understand what you will find in this aviation auditing software solution, we find it easier to examine the most important subsystems of this solution. These subsystems include:

Vendor Management allows the quality department to identify findings and manages audits or inspections associated with a vendor, as well as the quality of the service they are providing your organization.

Aviation Auditing Solution has components necessary to manage and track findings and corrective actions from start to finish. Corrective actions can be assigned to vendors as well.

The major quality components of this solution will include:

  • Auditing tools (checklist creators, audit schedulers, audit plan viewers, corrective action plans);
  • Communication tools to keep stakeholders updated;
  • Goals and objectives management and tracking;
  • Version controlled documentation tools;
  • Quality performance monitoring tools (dashboard charts, automated alerts, escalation);
  • Policies and procedures management; and
  • Key performance indicator monitoring and  tracking.

Our Aviation Auditing Solution Includes:

Aviation Audit Software Management Training

SMS Pro comes with a complete online video training library with written documentation. Many modules have associated work flow diagrams.  This video training library is visible to all employees.

There are scheduled aviation SMS training courses in Anchorage, Alaska. On request, NWDS can come to your location to provide quality aviation audit software management training. Our qualified partners are also qualified to teach the fundamentals of SMS Pro's auditing tools while also demonstrating our Web-based aviation safety management software.