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3 Things Every Alaska Web Design Needs to Impress Customers

3 Things Every Alaska Web Design Needs to Impress Customers

Oct 18 2016

Alaska web design needs to be “interactive”

I love web design. And unless you don’t mind trying to navigate old or poorly designed websites, which feel like a trip to the DMV, then you love web design too. Great Alaska web design has the ability to be fantastic - especially with our quirky residents, natural beauty, and eye-catching extremities. Here are 3 things every quality business website needs.

Interactive websites are a big deal these days. Interactive sites are modern, and interactivity is what separates new website from old websites. But "interactive" is a general word, what it means is: responsive, user friendly, SEO optimized, and that things are your site react to how people use it.Good Alaskan web design always plans for a website that visually responds to things that you do people who use the site. Mainly: 

  • click effects
  • hover effects
  • transitions

Click and hover effects do something when you click or hover, and transitions are what happens in between when you click and the when the animation is finished. Here are what those 3 things look like that every Alaska web design uses to impress customers.

Click Effects

Click effects in web design are things that happen after you click on them. In the example below, when you click on the lines that ask you to click them, a different set of text will appear.

Click me!
No contest, I'm the clickiest
Not him click me!

Hover Effect

I change color!

I change size!

What do I do?

I disappear!!


Transitions in web design are simply the visual effect that happens in between the first interaction with an object and the final result. The blue bar above changes size progressively, rather than immediately. The green bar disappear slowly, rather than all at once.

Click on the ORANGE block to see the transition.


Interactivity in Alaska web design will make tourists and locals alike spend more time on your website. Which means more time looking at your products and services, and less time on your competitors websites. Web design is an extremely important part of your business's image. It's your digital storefront.