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5 Things People Look for In Alaska Web Design

5 Things People Look for In Alaska Web Design

Dec 06 2016

1 – Web design communicates values

The rather irritating fact is this: we live in the digital age. Growth is increasingly built around your internet marketing strategy because it is your online content – the image of your company online – that will define and separate your business’s personal uniqueness from others. 78% of consumers believe that business’s that create custom content are interested in building good relationships.

Everything your business puts online creates a value system. The colors, design, and especially content on your blog, social media, and website say something about what your business cares about. 90% of all purchasing decisions are made via the strength of emotional connection. We know that Alaska internet marketing values should cater to the wilderness, the wildlife, and the scenery - make sure your business has these obvious values.

A hypothetical example. Two Alaskan trekking companies whose style/services are similar. who is vocal about their support of natural wildlife (i.e. no mining, etc.) and pledges 1% (only 1% !!) of revenue towards environmental causes, and the other business is not vocal. Who would you choose? Your Alaska web design needs to be inundated with your company's values

2 – High ranking on Google

When people are searching for a service or information – and 90% of all internet experience start with a search engine - the top (non-advertisement) search results will always be considered with high reputability. If your SEO strategy is not up to snuff, people probably won’t find you. When this happens there are two consequences:

  • They WON’T find your website and you won’t even be a consideration
  • They may find you listed on some far flung page, but you will have no “authority”
Your website's design is a very important part of your Google ranking. Your site needs to be built with SEO best practices, or you stand little chance of ranking well in search results. Ranking highly on search results is sort of like having a good handshake and a nice smile - it starts things off on the right foot. As I’ve said before, if you’re on the second page, you are the 1st loser. People subconsciously equate higher search rankings with legitimacy. If you’re ranked low, then the assumption is that you are not as legitimate.

3 – Web design should point to reviews ("proof")

Positioning yourself online so that good reviews and social proof are VERY visible is a good digital marketing plan and an essential part of any Alaska web design. First things first – social media. When companies-

  • Don’t ask customers for reviews or testimonials to put on the website
  • Don’t point customers to testimonials/review sites (like TripAdvisor, etc.)
  • Don't show the great experience with quality videos/photos
  • Aren’t on different social media platforms
  • And/or don’t have different strategies for different platforms
  • Or don’t regularly post on social media in order to gain large followings and engagement

-the lack of any of those things hurts “proof” that the business provides a great experience. A website should take every opportunity 

4 – Dated web design and old content

This is quick and easy. Having a dated website is sort of like having a store with stained carpet, a funky smell, and a sign out front with missing letters. Remember, most user's first impression of your business will be the design of your website. Websites that have clunky, dated design and/or dated content (such as announcements for dates that are already past) will leave an incredibly poor impression. A poor impression = loss of reputability. 

You don’t start out by meeting someone with a limp handshake. You don’t go to a job interview with messy hair and wrinkled clothes. You don’t scowl at your customers when you first meet them. You send those same messages to potential clients when your website is old and clunky.

5 – Custom design and content

There is some content web design must have to impress visitors. Good media, responsive design, and so on. 

Content should be chosen very carefully. Always. What mood is the content Рfun, intelligent, authoritative, etc. What does the content say­ Рwhat is it associated with, support, or speak out against? Web design content should be strongly linked with your company's value system, and based on WHO your clients are:

  • What is the average age of your clients?
  • What part of the United States (or international) do they come from?
  • How long on average do customers stay?
  • What is your website visitor to customer ratio?
  • Which blog posts, social media posts, images, get the most views?

Different ages, demographics, and personalities will want different things from your website. If you can’t answer these questions, you’re not fulfilling customers' needs online. Different ages, regions, personality types will have different needs for what they want out of content. When customers don’t choose you, it may be simply that you aren’t showing the right content for your customer’s demographics.