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3 Reasons Business Blogging is the Best Decision For Your Alaskan Business

3 Reasons Business Blogging is the Best Decision For Your Alaskan Business

Dec 08 2016

Alaskan Business Blogging Is a Money Maker

Unfortunately, for a business to stay competitive having a blog is, anymore, more or less a necessity. Why unfortunately?

It’s one more thing for businesses to do. And writing quality blogs takes time. But that’s really the only bad news about blogging. Other than a bit of extra time and another thing to put on your to-do list, the numbers on blogging are striking. Blogs are probably one of the most effective internet marketing tools a business can use.

Especially for internet marketing in Alaska. As I’ve written about before, people do their research before coming here, and a blog may be your best opportunity to show who you are. Above and beyond fantastic blogging statistics, the most important things a blog does are:

1 - Business Blogging Will Dramatically Increase Website Traffic

Every time you write a blog post about something, that page is indexed with Google. The more pages that are indexed, the more “catch nets” you have online when people search for various things that are related to your business (i.e. that you discuss in your blog). Moreover, when you blog about things people are interested in, they will link that material (through social media or on their own sites), which also helps drive relevant potential customers to your site. .

But don't just take my word for it, here are 3 companies we have recently started doing blogging services for.

These are screenshots from various analytics tools we use. Can you tell which month we started blogging on these first two?

How much business blogging increases traffic


This company had reached a plateau around 10k-11k visitors per month, and had been sitting at that number for almost a year. In the three months we have been blogging since the end of August, we have already sent an extra 16,000 people to their site, and it looks as though this month (December) will be pushing 20k visitors.

How effective business blogging is for increasing traffic


This company had been sitting at around 1,400 monthly visits for almost two years. We began blogging for them in mid October, and only after only one month of blogging, their traffic had doubled in November (almost 3,000 visitors). A week into December, and they are on pace for over 4,000 visitors. That a 250% increase after only 2 months! Even with a conservative estimate, we expect to be at around 1000% increase after a year. 

Why business blogging is critical for new businesses

This is a brand new business. We started blogging a week into November and released 2 blogs that month - you can probably see the 2 days we did so. Even with only those two blogs, the business jumped from 310 separate visitors to 875 separate visitors in only one month. With conservative estimates, we expect to see anywhere from 2,000% to 3,000% increase within a year.

2 - Convert Potential Customers into Repeat Customers

Blogs are personal.

But what's the point of all of this extra traffic? Hopefully this is obvious - more business! All of the extra traffic translates directly into more customers or clients. Moreover, one of the specific benefits of customers who come from your blogs is that they are "highly relevant" customers.

In other words, unlike other methods of acquiring customers by "peaking their interest," such as with advertisements, blogs connect you with customers by "answering their questions" and "providing authoratitive resources." Obviously, the latter are a better basis for a long term relationship

When I want to know what a company is “about,” – what they are interested in and talking about – I go straight to their blog. Each blog post is a stance on something. When you blog, you create your business’s personality. Moreover, unlike an advertisement, your blog posts will sit on the internet for years!

This is effective both for:

  • keeping existing customers coming pack
  • convincing potential (new) customers
  • attracting many new customers that are highly relevant to your business and "style"

3 - Business Bloggin Will Put You at Top of Search Results

In the world of Alaskan businesses, many of whom rely on internet marketing or high rankings in search engines to drive business, blogging must be a no brainer.

For one, inbound links (where a reputable site links to yours) are extraordinarily important for search engine rankings (SEO). It tells search engines that your website is:

  • Important
  • Relevant
  • An authority

Which all translates to increased rankings – this is further stimulated by the number of indexed pages you have for your website.

Blogs are probably the easiest way to create a “larger” site, as each blog page will be indexed, and your site will generate more traffic. Moreover, high rankings on Google search results also translate to higher "authority" in the yes of visitors. Just ask yourself - what do you trust more, the 1st result or results on the 5th page?