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What is Alaska Internet Marketing?

What is Alaska Internet Marketing?

Jan 10 2017

1 – Know your customer demographic (audience)

Creating for your audience is the first and most important point of an internet marketing plan - especially in Alaska because Alaskan tourists audiences have a very tight knit demographic.

  • Who is using your product/services
  • What kind of person are you trying to reach?
  • What demographic relationships do you customers share?

It's about choosing your “ideal customer(s)”. An ideal customer is a fictional person you create who based on your customers, and represents them.

2 – Great Alaska web design

Internet Marekting in Alaska depends heavily on having a modern website because it function as a hub for every level of a businesses online presence. The core principles every website should be developed with are:

  1. Answer questions
  2. Tell a visual story with quality content
  3. Be interactive (i.e. buttons, responsive design, etc.)
  4. Multiple types of media (photos, videos, text, infographics, etc.)
  5. Optimized for search engine optimization (SEO)

While everyone has access to DIY web development, Alaska web design right should be responsibility of professional developers because so much depends on it.

3 – Search engine optimization (SEO)

Internet Marking Alaska depends so much on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is about designing content around "keyword phrases" that your customers search for, for example, "best Alaskan fishing guide" would be a good keyword phrase for Alaskan fishing guides.

The better your use relevant keywords the higher you will appear on search engine results. Considering that most Alaskan visitors are searching for travel arrangement information through websites, SEO makes a huge difference for driving traffic to your Alaska website, blog, and social media.

Period. End of story. You easily see why it's so important for Alaska Internet Marketing. SEO is a combination of having content that is optimized for SEO (responsive design, meta tags, and 200 more elements), and keywords that are in line with what your business has to offer.

4 – Share great content on social media

Content is the core of modern internet marketing. Content should answer questions and interest relevant customers. An internet marketing plan is the bridge between your content and your customers. The greatest mistakes that people make while marketing are too much text, or visual content that is generic – i.e. purchased stock photos.

Interesting content means:

  • Proffesional photos
  • Professional videos
  • Infographics and content offer
  • Consistent blog

Blogs are also more of less of a modern day necessity. There are many reasons why your business should blog, but most importantly they give personality to your business and dramatically increase your search engine rankings. For blogs to be effective, it is absolutely necessary that there are no lapses in publishing.

After great content is created, it needs to be shared on social media. Here is an (FREE DOWNLOAD) example of a content offer you could use to offer to customers.