Install OS for MS Virtual PC

Install Operating System in MS Virtual PC 2007

After you have gone through the simple MS Virtual PC 2007 install wizard, you will have a virtual hard drive available.

There will be no OS installed, so your first task will be to install an operating system of choice for your virtual PC.

Install MS Virtual PC OS

 Install the operating system onto your selected Virtual PC hard drive from either

  • Physical CD or DVD;
  • Floppy; or
  • Image located on a local or network drive.

To install from physical disks (DVD for example), select "Start" at the Virtual PC 2007 Console and then select "CD," then "Use Physical Disk X" where "X" represents drive letter of your CD or DVD. Ensure a bootable OS install disk is in the disk drive.

To install a VIrtual PC operating system from an image, select "CD," then "Capture ISO Image" and select the image from the file system.

To install a Virtual PC OS from floppy disks, select "Floppy," then "Capture Floppy Disk Image" Install the operating system according to its normal process.