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April 26, 2017

half the codes I'm finding are inactive, so just list the ones you know are working right now. (this list of coupons is continuously updated.) Last updated (10-15-09)

gdr114w - 30% on .com purchases


If you are ordering both .com domains and one of the other domain extensions, split the order in two to take advantage of both coupons.

  • promo749 – Save $3 on .com domains. 
    You only pay $7.49 for registrations, transfers and renewals
  • gda123x --Save 30% on .com, .net or .org (1/24/2010)
  • cjctld749 – Save $3 on .net domains.
    You only pay $7.49 for any new registration.
  • cjctld749 – Save $3 on .org domains.
    You only pay $7.49 for any new registration.
  • cjctld749 – Save $7.50 on .biz domains.
    You only pay $7.49 for any new registration.
  • cjcdom003t – Save $7.00 on .mobi domains.
    You only pay $7.99 for any new registration.
  • cjcdom003t – Save $9.70 on .info domains.
    You only pay $0.99 for any new registration.

hash3 - $6.95 .com registration -- works, just used it today 11/07


Regular Expression tester  http://www.regextester.com/

Web Standards
I can’t express the importance of using web standards enough, hopefully the following articles and resources can.

10 Reasons to Learn and Use Web Standards - If you’re a web developer or designer new to the concept of web standards and are undecided on whether you should spend the time to learn all about them or not, here are some of the most important reasons for doing so. For web professionals who are already using web standards, this list may come in handy when you need good arguments.

Developing With Web Standards - This document explains how and why using web standards will let you build websites in a way that saves time and money for the developer and provides a better experience for the visitor. Also discussed are other methods, guidelines and best practices that will help produce high-quality websites that are accessible to as many as possible.

10 Reason for Web Standards - 10 more reasons to develop with web standards.
Roadmap to Standards
Web Standards Primer - What Every Web Site Owner Should Know About Standards.
Don’t Meet Your Heroes - Web standards compliation site.

The Web Standards Project - The Web Standards Project is a grassroots coalition fighting for standards that ensure simple, affordable access to web technologies for all.
Web Standards Workshop
The Guild of Accessible Web Designers - GAWDS is a world-wide association of organisations and accessible web designers and developers - designed to both promote and protect standards - not technical standards - but accessible design standards.

Now that you’re all caught up on standards make sure you always validate your code to make sure it’s compliant. These tools from W3C will also help you find any errors so you know what needs to be fixed.

HTML & XHTML Validator
CSS Validator